My life has always been surrounded by hair.  My Grand Mother and Mother were both Master Cosmetologists and owners of their own salons. Being a 3rd generation Master Cosmetologist, I believe hairstyling is ingrained in my being.


Growing up as a “salon brat” in my Mother’s salon, observing stylists creating magic for their clients was such an enjoyment. I started assisting my Mother and her employees when I was tall enough to reach the shampoo bowl: I think I have washed more heads of hair than most people to date, and to this day I still love it! I have been exposed to every job imaginable in the hair salon environment giving me a unique insight in the hair salon industry.


When I decided to do hair for a living, an overwhelming sense of relief came over me, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I graduated from Paul Mitchell The School Atlanta in February 2008 after years in a myriad of different careers after graduating from Georgia State University in 1999.  I have been enjoying serving my wonderful clients at The John Anthony Salon since March 2008!


Being an artist first and foremost allows me to create art with each and every client. I believe in styling hair with each individual’s face shape and creating color that compliments. Integrity of the hair is vital, and I believe is the most crucial element to my job. My clients are truly special to me, and I consider them friends. I take my work to heart and strive to make my clients look more beautiful and feel more confident when they leave the chair.


Being a hair stylist is my love and passion, and I welcome you to experience your hair journey with me. Thank you to my Mother and Grandmother for giving me the gift of hair styling.